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The Andreas Medal

The Andreas Medal

History of the Medal:

When the school was declared a full high school in 1943, the then Minister of Education, Clive Evatt, suggested to his father-in-law, Mr E. P. Andreas (a prominent Leura citizen), that he should endow the school in some way. Mr Andreas donated the sum of 100 Pounds to the Department of Education. This money was to be invested & the interest to be used to provide the medal.

The medal was to be awarded to the students who scored the highest aggregate in the Leaving Certificate (equivalent to the current HSC) each year.

Originally, Mr Andreas specified that:

  1. The medal be of gold.
  2. The medal to be awarded each year without exception to the dux of Katoomba High School.
  3. The Trustees to be the Director General of Education, the Headmaster of Katoomba High School, and Mrs C. R. Evatt, and after her demise, the Public Trustee to act as third Trustee.
  4. That an honour board be erected at the school bearing the names of the winners of the medal, in accordance with arrangements already made.

(Source: State Archives, Kingswood 47/134/31296)



 Year  Recipient Year  Recipient
 1943  K. M Anderson  1981 Michael Jagger
 1944  Thomas Ross  1982 Susanne Usher
 1945  Beryl Newell  1983 Bridget Godwin
 1946  Beryl Newell  1984 Ruth French
 1947  Anthene Kenny  1985 Lisa Whitby
 1948  Maris Russell  1986 Chris Allfree
 1949  Lois Hume  1987 Daniel Marti
 1950  J. Munro  1988 Not Awarded
 1951  G. Field  1989 Darren Dick
 1952  R. Johnson  1990 Matthew Brooks
 1953  D. Phillips  1991 Michelle Coote
 1954  Valerie Kelso  1992 Paul Salisbury
 1955  Coralie Higgins  1993 Gregory Timms
 1956  H. Poulos  1994 Stephen Elliott-Perfrement
 1957  Helen Porter  1995 Sophie Bestley
 1958  M. Gurr  1996 Samuel Hewett
 1959  Denise Piper  1997 Kate Goodberg
 1960  J. Pettigrew  1998 Timothy Baird
 1961  R. Goodsir  1999 Kathleen Linn
 1962  Bronwyn Griffin  2000 Madelaine August
 1963  D. Woodward  2001 Lauren Bragg
 1964  Judith Shrewsbury  2002 Kristen Rooke
 1965  H. Benbow  2003 Xi Xiao
 1966  Not Awarded  2004 Thomas Webb
 1967  C. Gellatly  2005 Rhiannon Walker
 1968  H. Drielsma  2006 Rachael Brown
 1969  M. Eldred  2007 Katharine Farag-Page
 1970  P. Tonkin  2008 Liam Cameron
 1971  Roslyn Mailer  2009 Michelle Murtha
 1972  S. Galloway  2010 Myles Harris Ayling
 1973  Josephine Heesh  2011 Joshua Wright
 1974  Katharine Munro-Allison  2012 Benjamin Terracini
 1975  Judith-Ann Thomas  2013 Harry Dudley-Bestow
 1976  Robert Francis Drielsma    
 1977  Alan Joseph Bennett    
 1978  Anne Tonner    
 1979  Tracey Medcalf    
 1980  Christine Egan    


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