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English Assessments

Year 7 Engl Ass Term 4 2014 (docx 35 KB)

Year 8 Engl Ass Term 4 2014 (docx 35 KB)

Year 9 Engl Ass Term 4 2014 (docx 35 KB)

Yr 10 Engl Ass Term 4 2014 (docx 35 KB)


We understand that due to unforseen circumstances that some students will not be able to attend class on days when Assessment Tasks are scheduled. In the interest of fairness to all students, we request that if your child is away on the day of an assessment task that the English Faculty is contacted so that alternate arrangements can be made upon the student's return to school.


The student will need to complete an 'Illness and Misadventure Form' and any supporting documentation from home or doctors is appreciated.


Extensions for students need to be negotiated with the Head Teacher of English before the date of the assessment task.


If there are any queries regarding the English curriculum or assessment schedule please do not hesitate to contact the school at any time.


Katoomba High School English Faculty

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