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Stage 6:

Course Description

Students study the practices of Making, Performing and Critically Studying in Drama. Students engage with these components through collaborative and individual experiences.

Preliminary course content comprises an interaction between the components of Improvisation, Playbuilding and Acting, Elements of Production in Performance and Theatrical Traditions and Performance Styles. Learning comes from practical experiences in each of these areas.

HSC Course content - Australian Drama and Theatre and Studies in Drama and Theatre involves the theoretical study through practical exploration of themes, issues, styles and movements of traditions of theatre, exploring relevant acting techniques, performance styles and spaces.

The Group Performance of between three and six students involves creating a piece of original theatre (8 to 12 minutes duration). It provides opportunity for each student to demonstrate his or her performance skills.

For the Individual Project, students demonstrate their expertise in a particular area. They choose one project from Critical Analysis or Design or Performance or Script-writing or Video Drama.

Main Topics Covered :

Preliminary Course:

• Improvisation, Playbuilding, Acting

• Elements of Production in Performance

• Theatrical Traditions and Performance Styles


HSC Course:

• Australian Drama and Theatre (Core content)

• Studies in Drama and Theatre

• Group Performance (Core content)

• Individual Project


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