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Senior English 11-12

Katoomba HS offers the full range of English Courses for senior students. Each course is designed to meet the academic needs of the students. All of these courses are taught by experienced teachers who specialise in the subject. Students studying at a senior level are invited to participate in HSC study days connected to their learning.


English Studies(Non-ATAR)

Katoomba offers this new addition to the HSC English Curriculum. In this course, we recognise that not all students are looking for academic English studies and wish to complete their HSC without an ATAR*.  English Studies focuses on real life English skills in everyday settings for both workplace and pleasure. It emphasises clear expression in communication and seeks to support English students in improving the English skills that pertain to everyday life.

*Enrolling in English Studies only provides students with the ability to meet NON-ATAR requirements of the HSC.


English Standard

Standard English is the minimum requirement for students seeking an ATAR with their HSC. At Katoomba HS, this course focuses on solidifying literacy skills within particular areas of study. These areas of study provide students with the opportunity to explore and communicate with the world around them. There is no mandatory Shakespearean unit, however, it is still academically rigorous with home study a necessary component to student success.


English Advanced

Advanced English is offered at Katoomba HS and is aimed at students seeking greater academic rigor in the subject. Advanced English seeks to more highly develop students' critical literacy skills with emphasis on interpretation and contextual influences on text. There is a mandatory Shakespearean programme studied in Advanced and students should be prepared for significant home study and a heavier reading regime.


English Extension I & II

These courses are for students who may seek to study language and communications beyond a high school level. They are challenging and stimulating for students with a real love of language and literature or who are seeking a career based on English. Students undertaking these courses need to possess strong writing skills and an insightful understanding of how text conveys meaning. Students wanting to enrol in this course must be enrolled in Advanced English. Extension subjects are studied in addition to the 2 unit course, not as substitute courses.